Cape Verdean Munchupa Recipe

Old Fashioned Family Munchupa Recipe

What is Munchupa
This is an old Cape Verdean dish that the old timers used to make all the time, it's delicious and very healthy. It is a Cape Verde meal, and in my house we call it Munchupa, although some call it Cachoupa, and it is the National dish of the Cape Verde Islands.

Munchupa recipes vary from family to family and cook to cook. However, the main ingredients my mom used are beans, Linquica and/or Chorico, Samp, and Kale. Which makes a very colorful soup; brown and white beans, red meat, yellow samp, and green vegetables.

Edward Soares and Andrew Populo 1976

If you can't read the clip above in part it states: "My name is Edward Soares. In 1976 I was convicted for the Murder of Andrew Populo and I was sentenced to Natural Life with no chance of Parole to Walpole State Prison. The Supreme Judicial Court found that by using Peremptory Challanges to exclude 12 f 13 Blacks called to serve on the Jury the prosecution denied me my right to a fair trial by a jury of my peers, so after 2 years, 4 months in Jail and Prison  my conviction was over turned..."

Easy Home-Made Sweet Potato Pie Recipe

Sweet potatoes are a vegetable that is nutritional, the sweet potato was ranked one of the most nutritious potatoes in (1992),  by the Center for Science in the Public interest. This vegetable has simple starches, and it is rich in complex carbohydrates, vitamin C, vitamin B6, dietary fiber, protein, iron, calcium and beta carotene (vitamin A equivalent). Sweet potatoes may be different colors, and certain varieties such as the yellow, green and pink have a very high amount of carotene; vitamin A. Despite the name "sweet", preliminary studies on animals have shown that sweet potatoes may be beneficial for diabetics due to its ability to help stabilize blood sugar levels and lower insulin resistance. Sweet potatoes are also good for inflammation.

Cape Verdean Recipe Goo Fongs

Cape Verdean Recipe Goo Fongs

Growing up my great-uncle, my grand-mother's brother, was the one who always made the Goo Fongs, and I remember watching him in anticipation. He would use a large pot (we had a big family) and standing at the stove with a big bowl of batter he would fry up the Goo Fongs.

In my house Goo Fongs disappeared fast, the adults would sit around the table eating these tasty treats drinking their coffee or tea while chit chatting. As a kid I felt lucky if I got two, and forget about looking for left overs. This is only one of my favorites.  Other dishes and Cape Verde recipes that I loved are Jag and Linquica and Kale Soup, just thinking about these Cape Verdean meals makes me want to run in the kitchen and start cooking.
Jagacida (Jag)

Jagacida - Jag is served in Cape Verdean homes very often. If only I could make it like my mother. She had a special touch, seasoned it just right every time.

The old timers enjoyed this rice and bean dish anytime, breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Rice is loved by many a cultures, each dish is unique in its own way, some of the recipes are kept secret.

Jagacida is simple dish with basic ingredients, I believe my mom added her own special touches because till today people always ask how she made it.  It was my grandmother, who was born in Cape Verde Islands, that taught my mother how to make jag because she cooked many Cape Verde dishes. Those old fashioned meals and recipes are searched for constantly today.

Cape Verdeans and Fox Point

A look back in time, the city of Fox Point in Rhode Island is said to be one of the older cities or neighborhoods dating back to the 17th century. However it wasn't until the later half of the 19th century that Portugese and Cape Verdean immigrants began making their home in Fox Point.  Later, East Providence became the Cape Verdean neighborhood of choice, and Fox Point was home to Portugese.

Language and Cape Verdeans

Would you like to learn some CREOLE? Take a look at a good reference and learn some of the basics of the Creole/Kriolu language that most old time Cape Verdeans speak. Many of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation Cape Verdeans that were born in the United States speak only English, but our ancestors that were born abroad spoke Creole/ kriolu or Portuguese.

Becoming familiar with the language is a great way to keep our history and culture alive and thriving.

It's CV Family Reunion Time

In Rhode Island and New Bedford, MA summertime has become a time when Cape Verdean families get together and have a great time. This is a time when meals are shared, fun happens and family members have the chance to meet family they may not have known.

Although, I don't know of all the reunion locations here's one Cape Verdean family reunion that has been going on for over a decade every year in RI - The Soares (Suarez) / Araujo Reunion.

Which will be held at Lincoln Woods - Sites A & B, Saturday August 6th 2011 7 a.m. until dark. Bring a plate for the main table and get ready to play and have some fun!

Direction from Providence: Take 146 North - 4.5 miles to Breakneck Hill Rd EXIT Rt 123 - at the end of the exit turn RIGHT go 1 mile and turn RIGHT into Lincoln Woods. Cross over the bridge, turn RIGHT and head to fields A & B...
 Cape Verde Santiago Golf Resort

The construction of the largest tourist complex ever to be built in Cape Verde, the Santiago Golf Resort, this week was re-launched...The first stage of the giant project was already launched in 1999 and has been finished..." according to afrol News 16 December.  Cape Verde Islands is starting to make waves as tourism and development continues to grow.  

Cabo Verde is catching the eyes of many investors, developers, and golf course designers.  Big names like Ernie Els and Jack Nicklaus have shown serious interest in designing PGA certified golf courses that are suitable for international competition.

It is not surprising to me that Cape Verde Isalands is a Growing Vacation Hot Spot because these islands off the west Coast of Africa are nestled out in the Atlantic ocean and they are the perfect place to enjoy a memorable vacation.  Adding golf courses is sure to make Cape Verde the hot new golf destination for golfers world wide.  A gem indeed!


Cape Verdean longshoremen

A special thanks goes out to Sylvia Soares, and after reading an article in the Providence Journal by By Paul Davis Journal Staff Writer titled "New efforts to preserve stories of Cape Verdean longshoremen" my heart was touched. It brought back so many fond memories of my step-father, Edward J. Andrade, who was a hard working longshoreman on the dock in Providence, Rhode Island. He was up before daylight and gone for the day and would return by dinner time, sometimes late in the night when he worked over-time.

Historic Dates Cabo Verde

2006 January - The PAICV won again in legislative elections

2001 January - Legislative elections returned power to the PAICV

1996 February - The presidential election, President Mascarenhas Monteiro returned to office

1991 January - The first multi-party elections were held

1990 September 28 - The one-party state was abolished

1990 - The PAICV and its predecessor ruled Cape Verde from independence to 1990 after establishing a one-party system

1980 Post-November - Cape Verde formed the PAICV which is the African Party for the Independence of Cape Verde

1975 July 5 - Received the instruments of independence from Portugal

1975 June 30 - Cape Verdeans elected a National Assembly

1974 December - An agreement was signed by PAIGC and Portugal providing for a transitional government composed of Portuguese and Cape Verdeans

1972 - The PAIGC controlled much of Portuguese Guinea 

1961 - The PAIGC began an armed rebellion against Portugal

1956 - The "African Party for the Independence of Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde" was organized by a Cape Verdean, Amilcar Cabral, and a group of Cape Verdeans and Guinea-Bissauans.  (PAIGC)
The George Monk Story: Cape Verde - A Historical Moment

I love learning about the history of my ancestors motherland...this is a very interesting story about Cape Verde and its fascinating history. This is a must read for anyone interested in the Cape Verde Islands or Cabo Verde. George Monk's story is something that seems to be buried in history, (I assume, because I do a lot of research and this is the first time I've found this information) so I'd like to help bring it to light by sharing it with others.
Where are the Cape Verde Islands

The Cape Verde Islands are unknown to many people. There is information online about Cape Verde, and that is great for Cape Verdean people and those who know Cape Verdeans, but what about those who know nothing or have never heard of a special group of islands - the Cape Verde Islands.

Where did Cape Verde get its name? When Portuguese settlers arrived at Santiago in 1462 they named the group of islands "Cabo Verde" the English name is "Cape Verde".

Where is Cape Verde?

A great place to stay in Cape Verde

The Morabeza Hotel, Sal, Cape Verde

Do you know the word for hospitality on the island of Sal in Cape Verde?  Morabeza!  And that is the name of a hotel on Sal, which owes it's popularity to its breathtaking location right next to the beach.  Pathways lined with a variety of tropical flowers lead down to ‘Le Beach Club.  Watersports, queit walks on the beach, The Morabeza offers a special appeal at the pool, the tranquillity of this hotel is felt and absorbed because there is no music to disrupt the peace and quiet.