Cape Verdean Munchupa Recipe

Old Fashioned Family Munchupa Recipe

What is Munchupa
This is an old Cape Verdean dish that the old timers used to make all the time, it's delicious and very healthy. It is a Cape Verde meal, and in my house we call it Munchupa, although some call it Cachoupa, and it is the National dish of the Cape Verde Islands.

Munchupa recipes vary from family to family and cook to cook. However, the main ingredients my mom used are beans, Linquica and/or Chorico, Samp, and Kale. Which makes a very colorful soup; brown and white beans, red meat, yellow samp, and green vegetables.

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Easy Home-Made Sweet Potato Pie Recipe

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Cape Verdean Recipe Goo Fongs

Cape Verdean Recipe Goo Fongs

Growing up my great-uncle, my grand-mother's brother, was the one who always made the Goo Fongs, and I remember watching him in anticipation. He would use a large pot (we had a big family) and standing at the stove with a big bowl of batter he would fry up the Goo Fongs.

In my house Goo Fongs disappeared fast, the adults would sit around the table eating these tasty treats drinking their coffee or tea while chit chatting. As a kid I felt lucky if I got two, and forget about looking for left overs. Goo Fong recipe from Cape Verde Islands, enjoy! This is only one of my favorites.  Other dishes and Cape Verde recipes that I loved are Jag and Linquica and Kale Soup, just thinking about these Cape Verdean meals makes me want to run in the kitchen and start cooking.
Jagacida (Jag)

Jagacida - Jag is served in Cape Verdean homes very often. If only I could make it like my mother. She had a special touch, seasoned it just right every time.

The old timers enjoyed this rice and bean dish anytime, breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Rice is loved by many a cultures, each dish is unique in its own way, some of the recipes are kept secret.

Jagacida is simple in a sense, it's an old fashioned jag recipe with basic ingredients, I believe my mom added her own special touches because till today people always ask how she made it.  It was my grandmother, who was born in Cape Verde Islands, that taught my mother how to make jag because she cooked many Cape Verde dishes. Those old fashioned meals and recipes are searched for constantly today.